• My journey

    It wasn’t until my mid 40’s that I found myself seeking out help for a sporting injury.

    I asked my sports therapist what had drawn her to this profession. She said she had been working as a solicitor prior to becoming a therapist.
    Why such a change of career?
    Her reply has always stuck with me: “I used to spend all day making people feel bad about themselves. Now I make people feel good about themselves!”

This was major lightbulb moment for me! I was really drawn by the idea of making people feel good about themselves.
Soon I had enrolled on a diploma course in Complementary Massage.
Upon receiving a distinction, my tutor encouraged me to consider taking my training to the next level. I took the plunge, and embarked on a 3 year degree in Sport Rehabilitation.

My dissertation examined the various motivations of females in gym-based exercise. This dissertation is now part of the University of Cumbria library as an exemplar for future students.

I graduated with First Class Honours in July 2016, and have worked as a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist in Penrith ever since.