Ed Clark has healing hands, fact!

I am training for my fourth Ironman, and it’s fair to say I have been suffering from what I believe is a common niggle in many seasoned participants: ‘Ironman Complacency’ As such, I have missed many training sessions only to try and play catch up by cramming.

This has lead to several pulled muscles, aching joints and strains. Every time I have presented my issues to Ed, he has targeted the point and worked through the problem, until it is no more.

He knows I am lazy, and pre-empts I won’t fully comply with the exercise/stretching plan he prescribes. However, he doesn’t judge my lack of preparation, he is patient and kind, and perseveres through my excuses to adapt his treatment to further assist the healing.

I am now 5 weeks from Ironman and am still cramming what I can, while missing the sessions I dare! He has given me the confidence I will undoubtedly need to arrive at the start line… trained enough to take part and & strong enough to push!

Thank you Ed Clark!